8MATE for SharePoint

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8MATE for SharePoint



The analysis and administration of authorisations on SharePoint is a complex matter. The on-board Microsoft resources do not allow for a holistic view of the authorised permissions of individual SharePoint resources. The administration of permissions is cumbersome and time-consuming. Changes that have been made in the permission structure are not discernible.



8MATE for SharePoint integrates all SharePoint resources in 8MAN. The analysis and administration of permissions takes place centrally and in line with the access rights management of other applications.

You will benefit immensely from 8MAN's unique ability to display, analyse and change access rights. 8MAN displays the permissions in a tree structure. This allows you to quickly see who is authorised to access a given SharePoint resource. Using the scan comparison report, you can find out who has made changes to permissions and what they were, and you obtain a protocol of all activities that have been undertaken. 8MATE for SharePoint allows you to assign all permissions in the 8MAN interface. By using the Group Wizard and assigning naming conventions, you can standardise your authorisation assignment process.