8MATE for Exchange

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8MATE for Exchange




The administration of permissions with Microsoft Exchange is complex. The available Microsoft resources do not allow for a holistic view of access rights to public files and mailboxes. The administration of access rights is cumbersome and time-consuming.



8MATE for Exchange enables you to expand  8MAN to email resources. Thus, analysis and administration of permissions take place centrally and in line with the access management for other applications. In the familiar 8MAN overview, you see at a glance who is authorised to access public folders, mailboxes, mailbox folders and, for instance, calendars.

The administration of Exchange is essential to the onboarding process. The setup of mailboxes and assignment of permissions takes place right in 8MAN. Changes made with 8MAN are documented and are audit-proof.


Apart from the analysis and administration of permissions in Exchange, 8MATE has additional features:


The ability to create Out-of-Office notifications without accessing an email account.

Listing of proxies for mailboxes and Send As permissions.

Administration of mail box sizes