8MATE for Exchange

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8MATE for Exchange

8MATE for Exchange expands 8MAN to include Exchange resources. This way the analysis and administration of access rights are standardized across various resources and systems. 8MAN shows you an overview, where you can see access rights to folders, email accounts, email folders or calendars on one easy to read screen.


The administration of exchange is closely connected to the onboarding process. The creation of Email Inboxes and the assignment of access rights happens directly in 8MAN. All changes are documented in revision proof reports.


Besides analysis and administration of access rights for Exchange, 8MATE for Exchange contains additional features:


Generation of out-of-office messages without having access to the Emailaccount

Listing of substitutes and deputies for Inboxes and "send as" access rights

Administration of Account size and storage

Management of mailing lists incl. members, managers and moderators

Management of contacts

Management of Mailboxes

Making changes to Email addresses