+8MATE for Dynamics NAV

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+8MATE for Dynamics NAV



Microsoft Dynamics NAV contains business information that not everyone should see. Depending on the development stage of the ERP solution, project budgets, purchase price lists, annual balance sheets or personal data of employees, suppliers or customers are stored there.

Efficient access rights management is difficult with on-board resources. Users are members of various authorization groups, which in turn can be members of other authorization groups. In addition, the ERP solution uses company-specific permission sets, which are also used to assign access rights. If you want to know which users have which access rights, a corresponding number of sources have to be consolidated. The answer to the actually very simple question: "Who has access to where" becomes a costly and time-consuming search project.



8MATE Dynamics NAV integrates the permission analysis of the ERP system into 8MAN. As usual, all access rights are displayed in a flat list. In the first step, the module offers services in the area of Permission Analysis and Documentation & Reporting:


Permission Analysis

Identify access rights to NAV resources

Identify multiple access rights

Analyzing the access rights situation from the past


Documentation & Reporting

Report: Who has access where?

Report: Where do users/groups have access?