8MATE Clean!

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8MATE Clean!



The correction of permission inconsistencies and mistakes on file servers is only possible with extreme difficulty and effort.  The implementation of best practices to solve these issues frequently fails at two hurdles: knowledge and time.  Furthermore, classic Access Rights Management (ARM) has always only been focusing at the folder level.



The 8MATE Clean! starts a process that leads to a secure and standardized file server and permissions structure. Through a series of clear decisions and parameters, you define how security and structural problems will be resolved in your environment. Your requirements and the 8MAN best practices will be automatically implemented. Additionally, the archiving of stale or obsolete data is possible. The benefit being, the lesser the data, the simpler the administration.


What does 8MATE Clean! achieve?

Archives old file server data

Removes automatically critical permissions

Remove or replace direct permissions

Standardizes existing permissions on your file server


8MATE Clean! Is only available in combination with professional services. Please contact your local sales representative for further information.