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8MATE AD Logga


The problem

Changes to Active Directory or file servers are made by a variety of employees. Without full monitoring, security risks and inconsistencies in the processes are created.


Security risks

Security risks often occur when group memberships give unauthorized employees access to sensitive documents. If group memberships are revoked again immediately, the security incident is usually not recognized.


Confusing processes

Confusing processes can only be improved if the current process can be analyzed and understood. Who manages group memberships and resets passwords? Where do problems occur and where is more coordination required. Analyzing past mistakes can be very beneficial in designing a solid process for group assignments.


The solution

8MAN creates transparency of the access rights situation in Active Directory. The AD Logga expands this transparency to include the entire history of access rights changes in your system. This even includes any changes made outside of 8MAN. Security relevant temporary group memberships thereby become completely transparent. Through our configurable reports all activities related to user accounts, objects, groups and attributes become fully tracable and transparent.


This is achieved with the AD Logga

Giving Administrators a  complete picture of all AD activity, allowing them to optimize processes.

Auditors recognize security incidents and all involved parties. This way the appropriate remedies can be implemented.

The management has the certainty: With its monitoring, AD Logga provides the data for internal security and process improvements.

The AD Logga alerts proactively inform you. Should someone manipulate security-related accounts or groups, the administrator will be informed immediately.