Define 8MAN user roles

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Define 8MAN user roles

8.0 EN defining 8MAN user roles


8MAN provides different user role types (from left to right):

2 Administrator-roles

5 Change-roles

1 Read only-role

1 Manger Role

1 Requester Role


The Manager Role can not be assigned by the 8MAN user management. It is assigned by the AD attribute "Manager".


You can change the name of the role by clicking on the pen icon.


Only the first administrator role (left column) can use the user management.

8.0 EN defining 8MAN user roles 02


Use the "check box matrix" to determine which role can use which views and functions. 

Unlicensed views and features are grayed out.




8.0 EN defining 8MAN user roles 03


Use the filter to quickly find the desired option.


Please note that certain functions require specific access and views.


For example:

The functionality "reset user password" requires either the "Accounts" or the "Resource" view.


The changes take effect immediately without requiring users to log in again.